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We are a team of community-driven social-prenuers, working over the years to enlighten the community about the harmful effects of plastic on our ecosystem so that we can adapt to a sustainable future.

RePlasts_Who we are
RePlasts_Who we are

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5 Myths about Plastic Recycling

Plastic has been causing a major threat to the environment. Only 8% of plastic is recycled globally. However, people have many misconceptions about the practice of recycling. Some also believe that it is not worth the energy and time to recycle plastic waste.

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Cigarette Butts Are Toxic Plastic Pollution

Cigarette Butts are Toxic Plastic Pollution – 2021

Cigarette butts can be found everywhere, on the green spaces, sidewalks, beaches, almost everywhere we go. 98% of these cigarette filters are made up of plastic fibres called Cellulose Acetate. The plastic fibers are tightly packed together to form a cigarette butt. Every year 4.5 cigarettes are littered every year which leaves a significant impact on the environment.

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