Top Plastic Polluters

Top Plastic Polluters- How coca-cola Pepsi and Nestle are impacting the environment? (2021)

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle are significant shareholders of the Food & Beverage industry and have become top plastic polluters. These brands are the most popular brands among the customers due to the taste of their products. But there is another reason behind the popularity of these brands. These popular brands are named the world’s top plastic polluters.

Plastic Pollution

How Plastic Pollution is Hitting Marginalized Groups? (2021)

RePlastsREINVENTING THE WORLD WITH PLASTICS Home Blog Posts About Contact Home Blog Posts About Contact RePlasts Plastic is termed the most durable and lightweight material, but the popularity of plastic is dropping due to its increasing price and pollution across the world. Plastic pollution in the world is increasing rapidly, and it is highly affecting …

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Cigarette Butts Are Toxic Plastic Pollution

Cigarette Butts are Toxic Plastic Pollution – 2021

Cigarette butts can be found everywhere, on the green spaces, sidewalks, beaches, almost everywhere we go. 98% of these cigarette filters are made up of plastic fibres called Cellulose Acetate. The plastic fibers are tightly packed together to form a cigarette butt. Every year 4.5 cigarettes are littered every year which leaves a significant impact on the environment.