Innovation Became A Catastrophic Problem

How an innovation became a catastrophic problem for the world

Nowadays, The dependency on plastic has been rising day by day and almost 90% of the products are made using plastic. If not completely, then partially it contains some amount of plastic in every product. As per the reports of Plastic Industry, Despite the toxic effects of plastic, It plays a very crucial role in the working of the manufacturing industry. Plastics come in a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials that use polymers. It is made using Polymers which helps in making plastics flexible enough to mold them into different shapes and sizes to make custom products.

How was Plastic Discovered?

Plastic was discovered several times but the actual discovery of plastic was started in 1862 by Alexander Parkes and synthetic plastic was found in 1907 by Leo Baekeland.


Plastics were discovered in 1862 by Alexander Parkes known as Parkesine. It is the first man-made plastic in the world which was exhibited at the London International Exhibition. This plastic was made while trying to find a synthetic substitute for shellac. It was supposed to be used for waterproofing but it turned out to become the world’s first plastic. 

The product which was supposed to be developed originally was not a commercial success but it gave us the first plastic in the world. It was not the finished product so it was modified and was used to manufacture the better version of it known as celluloid.


Apart from this, the first synthetic plastic was made in 1907 named Bakelite. It was discovered by Leo Baekeland. He was the one to introduce the term plastic in the industry. This version of plastic is a very lightweight and flexible kind of plastic. Due to its high flexibility, it is majorly used to make commercial products as it can be easily molded and shaped into different custom product shapes. This form of plastic is very affordable and inexpensive to produce.

After the creation of Bakelite plastic, several new types of plastics were developed. These plastics have different properties and can be found around you in different forms. It can be found in your homes, office, factories, and vehicles. The plastic produced till now can serve various purposes of mankind.

Evolution of Plastic: Boon or Curse

Plastics have faced different phases of evolution in the economy. Plastic has several benefits but over time, it has proved to be a curse to the planet as well. If we look at the uses and applications of plastic, it is used in almost all the sectors of the economy such as packaging, construction, textiles, consumer products, industrial machinery, electronics, transportation, and other sectors. 

Plastic helps in improving the innovation and creativity of the product. The lightweight of plastic is very helpful to the economy in many terms. It has excellent strength which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Plastic is very affordable which is the main reason behind the use of plastic in every product. 

But every coin has two sides, plastic also has some advantages but also has some disadvantages. With the passing years, plastic has become a curse to us due to the following reasons:

  1. Plastic does not get decomposed:

    Plastic does not get decomposed naturally, and they need to be properly disposed of. But people are not much aware of the harmful effects of it and throw them anywhere carelessly on roads, drains, and sewers. Some people use plastic bags for throwing garbage in them and this is eaten by stray animals which is harmful to them and leads to their death.
  2. Plastic contains some Toxic chemicals:

    Plastic is harmful as it is made using toxic chemicals and material that has a harmful effect on the environment.
  3. Plastic waste is harmful:

    When plastic is burnt, it releases harmful gases which pollute the overall air and causes air pollution. This polluted air can cause very dangerous diseases to humans as well as animals.

Earlier the use of plastic started as support in the manufacturing of the products but now as the dependency of all the industries is increasing on plastic it is causing more harm to the environment and spreading toxic poison in the surroundings. Till now, the evolution of plastic has brought many challenges to human life that is why it has become a curse to us. But where do you think the increasing dependency on plastic will take us in the coming years? Why should we avoid the use of Plastic?


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4 thoughts on “How an innovation became a catastrophic problem for the world”

  1. We all know plastic is harmful and fines are also assigned for the same but still we are lacking somewhere Or the other cauz continuous use is still there. The topic above is well described And clearly explained just there is need for us to understand and take it seriously.

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